An HR director to support a drop in activity after COVID

Our client is an international group carrying out a retail activity related to its main activity. It had owned 9 licensed toy stores for children in France (2 owned and 7 under concession) since 1987, with 100 employees at the start of 2020. With the confinement, the activity of its stores fell and the group decided to close one part of its establishments, the least profitable and located in the worst locations, throughout France.

The inventory at the time of the arrival of the Transition Manager

Christian, our HR Interim Manager, having already faced this type of situation in similar environments, took charge of the mission after the departure of the current HR manager.


The solutions proposed to remedy the situation

He took charge of social relations and finalized the PES with the social partners, without impact on the business while ensuring regular reporting to the European HR department. Subsequently, as the economic situation had not recovered, he generalized the PSE to all French establishments, in a peaceful social climate.

Precise skills guarantee the success of the mission


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