NIM Europe carries out around 15% of its assignments abroad.

The practice of Executive Interim Management was introduced in France by companies that were primarily Anglo-Saxon. These were experienced in the use, rapid and limited in time, of the skills of operational managers. When they intensified their establishments in France, they wanted to use the same practices that have developed over time. At the same time, French groups or mid-caps have increased their demand internationally. Since the presence abroad is often part of a project, Executive Interim Management represented the appropriate solution.

Specific skills of an Executive Interim Manager for international assignments

The Executive Interim Manager who must respond to an assignments offer in a given country must, in addition to his specific skills (information systems, local standards, etc.) attest to a current practice of the language practiced locally and, above all, excellent command of the language. of the culture. A European leader never reacts like an Asian or North American leader. The time required to complete the assignments is not the same. Local employees’ understanding of the group’s requirements is often difficult. Quality standards can be a headache, the ability to end collaboration with an incompetent employee very difficult. Hence the need for NIM Europe to open up to suitable profiles.

NIM Europe is the exclusive partner for France of:

Senior Management Worldwide

In 2012, NIM Europe joined the SMW, the largest international network of Executive Interim Management companies.

This network gives direct access to our customers in 25 countries (Europe, Asia, Americas and Oceania), and allows to widen the pool of managers to candidates with a very international profile: An international team of 110 consultants, nearly 100,000 Executive Interim managers, more than 8,000 assignments completed.

Grégoire Cabri Wiltzer, President of NIM Europe has chaired SMW since 2018.


Example of assignments