Client charter
We are committed to:


Analysing your needs in depth

  • Each client who contacts NIM Europe is met directly and confidentially by the consultant who will carry out the assignment.
  • This contact leads to a written analysis of the need.
  • We identify a special contact person within the company for regular updates.

Ensuring complete confidentiality

  • A candidate contacted by NIM Europe for a specific assignment must have first signed a confidentiality agreement.
  • The client can ask that its identity not be revealed until after the completion of the candidate selection process.
  • Discussions, particularly regarding financial matters, are governed by rules of confidentiality in force among our clients.


Working transparently

  • Before every search, our general terms and conditions which guarantee our pricing and work conditions, are sent to our clients.
  • These conditions are signed by the client who thereby acknowledges having been informed about our methods.
  • We immediately inform our client as to whether the assignment is feasible or not. If it does not involve transition management, we turn it down.

Ensuring due diligence

  • We start our search within 48 hours to identify experts in our database who are suitable for the assignment and available on short notice.
  • We propose at least one candidate within three days.


Being vigilant and attentive

  • NIM Europe consultants are in constant contact with the assigned manager and with the client to ensure that the assignment is completed smoothly and successfully.
  • If the manager is not up to the task, we will replace him with an equivalent profile.
  • At the end of the assignment, we make certain that our manager transfers his know-how.
  • Each assignment leads to the production of an assignment-completion document by the transition manager.

Following clear commercial practices

  • We start our search only after the client has agreed formally in writing.
  • We work to ensure success.
  • We do not ask for exclusive rights in regard to an assignment.
  • We do not ask any of our managers on assignment to promote the growth of our sales among our clients.

NIM Europe is certified by Bureau Veritas