Executive Interim Management consists in making an experienced manager available to a company, within short deadlines and for a limited period. Its objective will, in most cases, be to implement projects that will improve the performance of the structure. He may also replace a hindered officer. This proven efficiency solution is increasingly adopted by companies whether they are in crisis or not.

Call on Executive Interim

Executive Interim Management is an operational performance accelerator enabling rapid and effective responses to strong strategic challenges. Its assets: responsiveness, flexibility, capacity for implementation are not the responsibility of the board. The manager also derives his efficiency from his independence from the traditional hierarchical system of the company. At NIM Europe, a single partner is in charge of the relationship with the client, the selection of the manager as well as the regular monitoring of the assignment until its closure. This organization guarantees 100% efficiency in customer relations (mission brief, choice of manager, confidentiality, mission monitoring, etc.)

The use of Executive Interim Management answers many cases. It represents the ideal solution if the company does not immediately have the internal skills necessary for the operational deployment of its strategy. Transformation, project management, performance improvement, replacement of a manager, sale, merger-acquisition, turnaround, crisis management constitute the main missions entrusted to us.