NIM Europe Expert Transition Director

Expert transition director: what are the benefits?

In the life of the company, certain specific skills are lacking, either because the incumbent is unable to do so, or because a transformation of practices or the implementation of a project requires it. This need not being permanent, the use of a interim manager may be required.

Expert transition director: who is he?

The expert transition manager can come from different backgrounds and have a wide variety of skills. In particular, we have placed on mission:
  • Transitional Legal Director
  • Interim director specializing in social law in the event of a planned change in the workforce
  • Interim Marketing Director to support the creation of a new cosmetic product
  • Director of community management to adapt customer or user relationship practices, from the company to the arrival of digital
  • Transition Payroll Manager to implement a new payroll system and a shared Service Center with external service providers. Eventually, the organization no longer requires the permanent presence of this leader
  • International Sales Director, to open up new business opportunities in services for an industrial company that was embarking on this new activity. Then sales people were trained to start looking for customers.

The missions of the expert director

He is a specialist in this type of mission and especially in this activity, who has already carried out several successful operations. His mission:
  • Evaluate the project’s success factors based on the company’s expectations and its ability to integrate new expertise;
  • Propose an implementation schedule and associated resources
  • Convince the merits teams to do things differently or to open up to other countries/customers/products
  • Make the company benefit from its proven practice elsewhere while accepting to have to develop it taking into account the needs, skills and means of the company
  • Implement by constantly ensuring the relevance of its approach
  • Initiate the use of external service providers, select them and monitor them
  • Control the progress of the project while respecting the deadlines

The added value of the expert transition director

The first added value of this manager is his expertise which will allow him to quickly understand the need and to assess the relevance of the request and its chances of success. He has a significant capacity for adaptation and sensitivity to the evolution of the teams around him in relation to the project, his approach is often iterative. He has the charisma to convince of the merits of his approach, even if it arouses sometimes unenthusiastic reactions. He commits to deadlines, costs and a result. He detects the existing skills in the structure to train them and entrust them with the management of the project at the end of the mission. Discover the different functions of Transition Manager: