Managing Director of Transition NIM Europe

Interim CEO: what are the advantages for your company?

In the context of restructuring or a crisis situation, a company may need to obtain external expertise to set up interim management in order to resolve the situation. The role of the Interim CEO then becomes strategic and inevitable. He is responsible, over a defined period, for supporting the company in its transformation. This expert is then able to meet the needs and expectations of your company, depending on the desired position.  

The qualities of a good Interim Managing Director

A good interim manager has expertise and perfect knowledge of all of the company’s processes: sales, human resources, finance, marketing, supply chain, production, quality. He also has an excellent global vision in order to be operational. The profile of Transition Chief Executive Officer corresponds to that of an expert who has already held the position of Chief Executive Officer at least once during his career. He then masters the issues and their importance. It is often a former senior executive with solid experience and with great technical and human capacities to occupy a position of very high responsibility. Finally, in addition to his experience, his humility and benevolence will be assets from which he can benefit the company.  

The role of an Interim CEO

This experienced manager can be turned to a preferred sector. However, he is likely to join any company or structure regardless of his activity or size. The Transition Chief Executive Officer is well aware that each case in which he will be called upon to intervene is unique. He must then adapt to the context and the complexities linked to each transition mission or project. Its role is then initially to diagnose and analyze the situation. He will then have to set objectives and lead the different teams according to the position and scope in which he operates. NIM Europe offers you experienced transition managers who will be able to meet the challenges of your company. You benefit from a simplified recruitment process, since this is an external service. Discover the different functions of Transition Manager: