Challenges and benefits for the company

The Transition Manager quickly integrates the challenges of the company in which he operates. Often placed at the crossroads within the organization, he is very operational and his action is above all result-oriented. The manager of NIM Europe falls under the temporary work regime to be made available to the client company. He can therefore legally exercise hierarchical authority over a team.

He brings real added value, the result of his successful experiences during previous missions of the same nature. Going to the essentials, he defines and implements the appropriate solutions in agreement with the managers with whom he works. With its fresh perspective, it focuses its action on the necessary points of progress without being bound by the history of previous practices often at the origin of the degraded situation. Finally, he ensures the proper transmission of knowledge to his successor, bringing real added value to his mission over the long term. The cost of a transition mission is assessed in terms of its return on investment. From experience, all Interim Management missions are self-financing in a few months. The cost of the service is known prior to any candidate search and calculated in complete transparency between the client company, the Manager and NIM Europe.