Type of assignments

The diversity of the missions entrusted to us leads us to deepen the specificity of each of them. The selection of the manager best suited to your needs is based on intensive and iterative discussion with you prior to any mission.

Running a new project

New activity, different from the company’s core business, expansion of a site or construction of a new location, transfer of factory, merger-acquisition leading to rationalization of the practices of the two entities, launch of a product, establishment in a new countries, implementation of a new ERP, are the main circumstances of intervention in the company for our managers.

Recovery of a struggling business

In the event of insufficient profitability of the company, of lag of your performances with market expectations or relaunch of your growth without having the appropriate skills in your management team, Interim Management represents the right solution. The Interim Manager chosen from among the two or three candidates proposed, will arrive as soon as possible to focus on his objectives, mobilize the teams and obtain tangible results quickly. Our Partner in charge of the mission will have selected it, judging that it corresponds to the need expressed. He will follow him throughout his mission, not to lead it in his place, that is not his role, but to validate his integration, check that the progress of the project will be controlled and that the mission will be synonymous with success.

Transformation, implementation of new practices and new tools

Continuous improvement initiatives implement a set of methods and tools. Depending on the activity, they are subject to standards whose effectiveness has been proven over time or reflect a legal obligation (Kanban, Six Sygma, Kaisen, Lean in production, Sox, IFRS in finance, etc.) The company may also want to modify its structure, move from organization by country to matrix logic, transfer certain activities to a shared service center, change exclusive sales in stores to online sales, etc. Faced with such an organizational transformation, the company can appoint a Transition Manager to lead this change: in-depth reorganization of the structure, development of its information system, better management of innovation, creation of new functions, etc. This implementation requires a professional perfectly experienced in these methods to have practiced them successfully. These translate into planning, assessment of resources, strength of conviction as well as the training of employees, providing the guarantee of the sustainability of the company’s approach.

Temporary replacement of an officer

Parental leave, long-term absence, illness, etc. In the event of the unexpected departure of a manager or extended vacation for the holding of a key position, the Transition Manager assumes the function temporarily, this is what is called relay management. After analyzing the issues, his role is to optimize the mission entrusted to him and to support the recruitment of his successor if necessary.

Crisis management

Site closure, subsidiary in difficulty, poor results for shareholders, absence of the manager… When a company is faced with a crisis situation, whether financial, social or operational, urgency takes precedence. The tense situation requires strong technical skills and a leadership temperament to assess the situation, find allies inside and outside the organization, make the right decisions, and assume the difficult choices with conviction. To respond to this type of situation, a very experienced manager who has already operated turnarounds in similar environments is essential. We have in our pool these skills that can be immediately mobilized.

Accelerated recruitment

In the event of the sudden departure of a manager, we are able to present you with his replacement, available immediately, who will be tested and validated in situ. Our expertise in Transition Management gives us a detailed understanding of the challenges of recruiting an immediately operational manager. It differs from a classic recruitment where the manager will be more appreciated on his “in the making” skills than on his operational qualities and his ability to integrate immediately.

Each mission has its own specific Transition Manager. There is no standard solution. Listening and understanding our customers is our first concern, the choice and our conviction to present you with the best manager is our objective because only the result counts.