What advantages at NIM Europe

Ongoing support

Our desire is to build a lasting relationship with you and our client companies that promotes mutual respect, trust, transparency and professional ethics. You are accompanied by the same Partner of NIM Europe, during your selection as well as during all the stages of the mission. This provision, reflecting our good knowledge of the client as well as the challenges of the mission, is a guarantee of success. If you have not yet collaborated with NIM Europe, one of our Partners will help you qualify your career path, understand your objectives and the reasons that lead you to Transition Management. Your personal file is kept in our database, in accordance with CNIL legislation and the GDPR. To join us: submit your CV in French and, incidentally, in English via the link on the cover page entitled “You want to become a Transition Manager”. Once referenced in our database, do not hesitate to regularly update your file and enrich it with your new missions. Every month we organize NIM Thursdays. We can invite you to participate in order to allow you to better understand our methods and the role of the Transition Manager.  

A protective status

For any mission, you are an employee of NIM Europe and benefit from the status of temporary work, in full compliance with labor legislation. Your salary is calculated on the basis of your annual remuneration. There is therefore no need to create your billing structure or to use wage portage. At the end of the mission, you benefit from annual leave up to 10% of the total for the days not taken as well as the precariousness bonus, also 10% in the event of non-recruitment by our client. This very protective status allows you to acquire or keep your social rights and to access, if necessary, mutual insurance. In addition to signing your employment contract, NIM Europe signs a provision contract with the company using your services. It is therefore a tripartite relationship that governs the framework of your mission.  

An easier return to work

For interested candidates, it should be noted that 30% of our managers are offered a permanent job offer at the end of their mission.