Our charter

For our managers on assignment, we commit to:

Apply a rigorous code of ethics

We contact managers exclusively for transition assignments, in no case for consulting services, which are not part of our offer. We call potential leaders only if we are actually commissioned by a client for an assignment, never in other circumstances. We receive, at their request, candidates who can potentially carry out a mission for us. Our database is controlled by the CNIL, updated regularly and contains no illegal personal data. The data concerning the managers present in our database can be removed on simple request. We are committed to having a non-discriminatory attitude in the exercise of the missions entrusted to us, respecting the diversity of people and cultures, particularly in the selection of the managers involved, but also by ensuring that the latter themselves have to their level this non-discriminatory attitude in the context of their activity within client companies.  

Ensuring full transparency

We systematically inform candidates of the progress of our assignments being processed. The remuneration of our managers on assignment is established on the basis of their gross annual salary and any bonuses, in strict compliance with the legislation in force. We do not take any references without the consent of our managers.  

Accompany our managers on mission

Our role is to find and provide our clients with operational, autonomous, responsible and efficient leaders, we do not carry out the mission for them. We support them in a professional manner, without replacing them in the accomplishment of their operational mission. Our mission is not to have a direct consulting activity for companies.  

Apply the temporary work regulations

The interim manager is our employee throughout the period of his secondment to the client, his situation is therefore clear with regard to the law and social organizations. We undertake to pay him his salaries at the end of each month, and to comply with the legal provisions. His status allows him to exercise hierarchical authority and to be himself under the responsibility of a manager of the company without falling under the scope of the legislation on the loan of labor or the offense of bargaining.