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Industrial director

The industrial sector is in perpetual evolution (technological, environmental, diversification, relocation, relocation, etc. The implementation of these developments often involves the use of a specialist in transition management. A highly qualified and competent industrial director for your research could be of invaluable assistance in the operational implementation of these changes.  

Interim Industrial Director: his role

The director of industrial operations or transitional industrial director initiates and coordinates a company’s industrial strategy. Whether it is a specific industrial site or more generally a global industrial policy, his experience and qualities will make him the ideal contact for the company. He can act as a replacement for an absent industrial director, in support of a unit in difficulty or as the initiator of a new policy. He must be capable of great geographical mobility, assist the production managers of several sites, where seeking new industrial support structures requires travel. The Transition Industrial Director also has a cross-cutting role, he must adapt production to market demand, and therefore marketing and sales. It also plays an increasingly important role in terms of quality and compliance with environmental criteria. Lastly, he can, with the HR department, consider other working hours for production, other types of recruitment, etc. Finally, his decisions induce costs which have an impact on margins, or require investments, his relationship is therefore closely with the finance department.  

The missions of the Interim Industrial Director

As an interim manager, this industrial director will then be called upon to:
  • Establish a geographical industrial strategy according to markets and opportunities.
  • Make investments relating to the various production tools.
  • Optimize the allocation of resources between the different production sites.
  • Apply measures for effective lean management.
  • Ensure compliance with the industrial quality policy
  • Comply with environmental standards
  • Maintaining a peaceful social climate.

Advantages of a Transitional Industrial Director

The Industrial Director has proven operational efficiency. He is knowledgeable of the industrial sector concerned and has experience related to the management of entities and subsidiaries. He has held similar executive positions in the past. This will have the advantage of making it easier to take office quickly. Benefiting from a great capacity for integration and adaptation. His experience is therefore an asset that will also allow him to manage teams. His knowledge of the context of the subsidiaries will even allow him to manage and lead teams remotely. Benefiting from an ingrained local culture, especially when he is an expatriate, he represents an asset of choice for the structure that appoints him. It then allows by its actions to offer a sustainable improvement of the various processes of production and management of the company. In addition, the mission entrusted to him is carried out according to defined deadlines and objectives. The budget is then respected for lower costs.  

The NIM Europe talent community

The NIM Europe network benefits from a pool of quality interim managers who will provide you with their services at controlled costs. You thus pay for a service while being exempt from taxes relating to the recruitment of a resource employed internally. With Nim Europe, you will also benefit from a quality industrial director who will be able to adapt to any sector of activity (automotive, aeronautics, cosmetics, etc.) and who will have successful past experiences in his background. Indeed, in their past, our interim industrial directors have already intervened to manage crisis situations, restructuring, etc. Discover the examples of transition missions carried out by our industrial directors: