Managers Charter
We are committed to:


Applying a stringent code of ethics

  • We contact managers only for transition assignments, never for consulting services which are not part of our offer.
  • We call on potential executives only if we are actually commissioned by a client for an assignment, never under any other circumstances.
  • We welcome candidates who could potentially carry out an assignment for us.
  • Our database is monitored by the CNIL, regularly updated, and does not contain any illegal personal data.
  • The data concerning executives in our database can be removed upon request.

Ensuring complete transparency

  • We systematically inform candidates about the progress of our assignments currently being processed.
  • Our assigned managers receive compensation based on their gross annual salary and any bonuses, in strict compliance with current legislation.
  • We do not take any reference without the consent of our managers.


Not doing their assignments in their stead or with them

  • Our role is to find and make available to our clients operational, independent, responsible and effective executives.
  • We support them professionally without standing in for them in carrying out their operational assignment.
  • Our mission is not to provide consulting services directly to companies.

Applying short-term-employment regulations

  • The manager is our employee for the duration of his assignment to the client; his position is therefore clear in terms of the law and social-security institutions.
  • We undertake to pay him his salary at the end of each month, and to be in compliance with all legal provisions.
  • His status enables him to exert hierarchical authority and to work under the authority of one of the firm’s executives without violating legislation on manpower lending and the subcontracting of labour.