Interim Managing Director in a press company

Our Transition Manager, Thibault was made available as General Manager in a struggling press company. The company, which owns various titles, must adapt its resources to new media consumption patterns and to the new expectations of customers and readers. In addition, the geographical environment in which the company operates limits the possibilities for growth. The challenge of the Transition Mission was to be creative in order to find sufficient sources of growth.


Consumer and reading habits have evolved with technology. For nearly 10 years, the press and the tertiary industry have been in a changing environment. The business model of press organizations now revolves around new information technologies and increasingly digital reading habits.


The Transition Mission entrusted to us has put these technological aspects at the forefront. Before taking up his duties within the company, Thibault, our interim manager, built a new development strategy to support the General Management of this family business throughout the duration of the interim mission.


Thibault reorganized the structure, found new growth levers and implemented them. During his intervention, he created new press supplements and found ways to streamline publishing methods. To achieve this objective, Thibault has forged partnerships, created new communication media, adapted distribution and found innovations with other communication players at the local level.


The organization created following this transition mission has enabled the company to regain growth margins and improve its market share.


For privacy reasons, names have been changed.