Legal Transition Director NIM Europe

Interim legal director: his main assets

The General Counsel is responsible for all legal matters related to your business. He must be aware of the standards to be respected in your sector of activity and ensure the link with the various legal authorities. He therefore advises management whenever rules of law come into play. His role is similar to that of a lawyer or expert jurist, specializing in business law.

Missions of the legal director

The legal manager plays several roles within a company. As a director, he must know how to lead a team. His role as manager leads him to oversee the following missions: Exercise an advisory role with regard to all the legal aspects of the life of the company. Inform the management and the employees concerned of the rules of law to be respected in the context of their missions. Investigate various files such as legal disputes by intervening in merger / acquisition files, and more generally in all matters relating to labor law. Ensure the link between the various external legal actors and the company. For example, these may be law firms.

The qualities required of the legal director

The legal manager of a company has a varied and complete profile that can adapt to the various situations he will face. He must be able to answer the legal questions posed by managers and employees. Before that, he must advise and inform the company as well as possible about the legal standards and rules in force. In addition, the legal director demonstrates diplomacy in order to manage various disputes both external and internal to the company. It also ensures compliance with the standards and regulations in force in all areas of the company. Finally, the legal director must be able to demonstrate leadership and organization in order to obtain the best from his team.

The added value of the expert transition director

The transition legal director intervenes within a company facing changes. It is then necessary to set up a transition management when a social plan is implemented or when changes are to be expected in the organization of work. He then provides the answers to the questions that management asks about compliance with the various regulations. These regulations relate to both human resources and production. He then often intervenes to replace the usual legal manager when the position of the latter is vacant. As an interim manager, the legal director must be very reactive since he must be able to quickly take charge of urgent cases in order to limit the risks for the company. NIM Europe supports you by offering you experienced interim legal director profiles. Able to respond quickly to your needs in terms of legislation and legal litigation. Discover examples of transition assignments as Legal Director: – Directrice Juridique dans un laboratoire pharmaceutiqueDirectrice des affaires réglementaires dans l’industrie pharmaceutique